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Bespoke Timber Gates

The business of ENGLISH BROTHERS LTD. and their predecessors as Importers of Timber has been established over two centuries, and in submitting our new catalogue we desire to acknowledge with thanks the liberal support we have received in the past, and to ask a continuance of the same for the future.


We shall continue our constant endeavours to keep up the high standard of our work, which we know has given satisfaction to our customers by the many repeat orders, and testimonials we receive. They can be observed in the relevant section of this catalogue.


We shall be pleased to quote for any special item or design of your choice, and will happily accept these for review by any means that you find convenient.


The products within this catalogue can be made to any size and with any suitable type of timber and we encourage you to enter into discussion with us.

Wrought Ornamental Hand Gates Pattern No 36
Wrought Ornamental Hand Gates Pattern No 36

The gateway to one’s property deserves to be decorated with a commensurate item such as a bespoke hand gate. All of our designs can be made to suit your specific sizes, and we can also make a gate to your own design (if, for example, it is to match other features of your property).

Wrought Ornamental Entrance Gate Pattern L

A motor car entrance gate must be solid and secure, but it must also decorate your property with the appropriate level of respectfulness. As with everything in this catalogue our entrance gates can be made using any suitable timber and sized to suit the requirements of your property.

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English Oak Gates for Fields Pattern G

Our field gate designs have lasted for over two centuries. They are solid and dependable. If their intended use is indeed for field entrances then we recommend a lower cost softwood timber. If you desire to have a field gate as entry to your countryside residence we recommend oak. Whatever the case, the gate will be hand made in the very same style and with the same care and attention.

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