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The Cyder Works,


December 16th, 1904.

Dear Sirs.

Your men have just completed the shed and are now leaving.  We wish to say that the building appears to be finished in a very satisfactory manner and we shall no doubt find it extremely useful.  They have been very much handicapped by the weather, it having been very rough practically all the time they have been here, but for this they would have completed the work sooner.

Yours truly,

(Signed) W.M. GAYMER & SON



October 15th, 1907.

Dear Sirs.

Now that the Covered Yards are finished, I take this opportunity of complimenting your Firm on the way the work has been done and in the short time taken in erecting so large a Building. The civility of your Foreman and the quiet and business way the men worked are other points I have noticed and appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

(Signed) G.S. HARRIS

8 Old Market,


December 3rd, 1907.

Dear Sirs.

I have pleasure in testifying to what I believe the great advantage of using Creosoted Timber. Twenty years ago I put up a fence round some grass land and used alternate Creosoted and not Creosoted posts. The Creosoted posts outlasted the not Creosoted posts by 2 or 3 times and are still sound.

I am so convinced of the advantage of using Creosoted Wood for buildings that, since then, I have 2 large covered in yards erected entirely of Creosoted Wood, including roof, tie beams etc for my stock.

Believe me.

Yours sincerely,

(Signed) HUGH J. SMITH

4 Albert Street,


December 3rd, 1907.

Dear Sirs.

The Fencing and Gates which you have supplied me with during the last 5 years appear to be wearing well and are quite satisfactory. I am especially pleased with the range of 3 Loose Boxes I had from you last year.

Yours truly,


Agent for Miss Bradshaw’s Barton Blount Estate and others.

The Firs,

Northwood, Middlesex

December 5th, 1907.

Dear Sirs.

Mrs Schultz encloses her cheque in payment of enclosed account. The Sheds constructed by Messrs English Bros for Mrs Schultz are entirely satisfactory, they look well and as far as she can tell at present, will stand well. She is also pleased with the Field Gates which are well made and very inexpensive.