About This Website and English Brothers Ltd.

You may have noted from the homepage that English Brothers Limited has been established for over two centuries.


The current business has been owned and managed by the Hubbard family since 1992, with the now retired Mel Hubbard having worked within the business since 1977. It is now wholly owned and managed by Bee and Jay Hubbard, with an excellent team of people supporting the business as it continues to develop and evolve.

Jay Hubbard Managing Director English Brothers

Jay Hubbard

Bee Hubbard Managing Director English Brothers

Bee Hubbard

Wrought Ornamental Hand Gate Pattern R

Bringing nostalgia back.

Ironically, as part of its evolution the company has taken a step back about 100 years, hence this website – with the overall design and information on the website also taking a step back!


The photographic images you see within the site are in fact scans of original pictures from sales catalogues printed by Balding & Mansell Printers of Wisbech in 1907 and 1911. We aim to bring back a little of the nostalgia that seems to be rapidly disappearing in this digital age of haste.

In-house highly skilled joiners.

The ‘modern’ English Brothers business has been making field and entrance gates to the same patterns as those from the early 1900’s for many years and they remain popular today – still carefully crafted by hand here in our Wisbech workshops.

Workshop Joinery English Brothers
Workshop joinery

Products made to last.

An old installed field gate Pattern B

This photograph of a Pattern B field gate was recently sent to us from a farmer from South West Wales. The gate was delivered to the customer in 1939 and is easily identified by the diamond-shaped plaque upon which it states ‘English Brothers – Makers – Wisbech’.


The same plaque has been used on a metal sculpture by the amazing Harriet Mead (www.harrietmead.co.uk). Click the images to enlarge.

English Brothers plaque from a farmers gate
Rabbit sculpture showing the English Brothers plaque

With many more products to follow.

However, some of the more decorative gates had disappeared from production and haven’t been made for around 60 years.


The aim of this website is to bring to your attention to the gates the company once made, and is now able to offer again to the discerning customer looking for something unique for their property.


Over time more products will join the gates as we begin to select those that we feel are suitable from our many old catalogues.


Products coming in the near future include garden benches and planters, pergolas, gazebos and cart lodges.

Scan of old English Brothers catalogue

We hope you enjoy this website, and if you have any ideas for products you would like to see featured please get in touch.


Furthermore, if you have any historical information or articles relating to English Brothers Limited we would be delighted to hear from you.