Handmade Field Gates Pattern No 31

Handmade Field Gates Pattern No. 31.

As all of our field gates are handmade, images shown are for illustrative purposes only and may differ slightly from the finished gate.
Please note that the posts shown in the images are not included as standard, but can be supplied as part of your order. Any ironwork shown is also not included as standard. We can supply gate posts and ironwork if required. Please indicate on the enquiry form your gate post and ironwork requirements.
Unless stated at point of order, all handmade field gates are made to hinge on the right-hand post when opening from you. The gates illustrated are all right-handed gates, and are only put in front of posts to show the whole of the gate. A gate hung on the right-hand post and opening from you is a right-hand gate; if hung on the left-hand post it is a left-handed gate. Field Gates are carried 20 to the Tonne.
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Pattern No. 31






75mm x 138mm, tapered to 75mm x 89mm from 75mm x 225mm


75mm x 113mm


75mm x 89mm


57mm x 63mm


63mm x 63mm


25mm x 75mm

Posts for above 2.4m

About 200mm x 200mm and 175mm x 182mm bevelled tops. 8 Pairs Posts = 1 Tonne.